Good Times with Corporate Structures: A Three-Part Series with Obvious Ventures

MoFo Impact recently collaborated with Obvious Ventures and their World Positive publication on a three-part series on corporate form. Check out all three pieces:

A Startup Cheat Sheet for the Baffling World of Company Structures
LLC? C Corp? B Corp? PBC? L3C? The alphabet soup of terminology has created confusion over what corporate forms and certifications are, let alone what one should consider as an entrepreneur. This glossary will help.

C-Corps, LLCs, PBCs, and All That Jazz
Deciding how to legally organize your company is a big decision. If you’re a world positive business, here’s a list of questions to help determine which path you might take.

To B Corp or Not to B Corp?
More venture-backed businesses are considering this question. Here’s the checklist on how to decide what’s right for you.