Delaware Launches Its Certificate of Adoption of Transparency and Sustainability Standards

Delaware Companies: Apply for your Sustainability Certificate starting October 1

As of October 1, 2018, Delaware entities can begin applying for the state’s new voluntary Certificate of Adoption of Transparency and Sustainability Standards through the Secretary of State, passed in June 2018.[1] The innovative reporting program allows Delaware corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, and statutory trusts, among others, to design and implement a flexible sustainability program to meet their organization’s needs.

The Certificate program, the first of its kind, responds to growing demand from organizations (and their customers) to have their sustainability commitments recognized and acknowledged by state entities. Sustainability action and reporting is nothing new among Fortune 500 companies, 80+ % of which issue sustainability reports.[2] However, such reports are occasionally criticized for their marketing-like nature and superficial accomplishments and commitments. The Certificate, though voluntary and broadly self-directed, requires affirmative commitments by the governing body of participating entities that are likely to positively affect the entities’ sustainability efforts.

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