Suz Mac Cormac to Speak at 2017 Ceres Conference

Each year, the Ceres Conference brings together a unique group of more than 600 corporate sustainability leaders, the country’s largest institutional investors, and leading social and environmental advocates to mobilize action on the world’s most significant sustainability challenges. Throughout the two-day program, conference attendees will engage on a broad range of topics, including building a sustainable global supply chain, driving better water management practices, and pursuing the latest in low-carbon investment opportunities – all building a path toward achieving a sustainable global economy.

MoFo Impact’s Suz Mac Cormac will speak at the 2017 Ceres Conference in San Francisco on April 26. She will join Tanja Dehne, Michael Garland, and Veena Ramani for the “Good Governance: Building a Sustainability Competent Board” session, which will address strategies companies can employ to create more informed and competent boards for sustainability and climate change, such as identifying the right expertise and diversity as well as onboarding and proper training.

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