October 1, 2019 - Measuring, Reporting, Resources

Suz Mac Cormac Speaks at Climate Week NYC 2019

MoFo Impact’s Suz Mac Cormac spoke on a panel at Climate Week NYC 2019 covering “Facilitating Investments Towards a 1.5˚C Future: How Can Companies Harness Investment Opportunities and Leverage Portfolios for a Net-Zero Future?” The panel covered investment strategies needed to ensure a sustainable …›

September 16, 2019 - Funding - Financing, Measuring, Reporting

Impact Links: Grocery Store “Happy Hours”; IKEA’s Progress in Becoming a Circular Business; The World Bank on AI in Education; The Tipping Point of Clean Energy; San Francisco’s Waste Problem Turned into Climate Solution; Shell’s Investment in Natur

- As food waste becomes a major global problem, grocery stores now offer “happy hours” as a solution. - IKEA’s sustainability chief describes the company’s progress in becoming a circular business by 2030. - The World …›

September 6, 2019 - Funding - Financing, Measuring, Reporting

Impact Links: Homeowners Insurance Affected by Wildfire Risk; KKR Global Impact Fund New Investment; World Resources Institute Agenda to Solve Food Loss; Amazon Fires Speeding Up Climate Change; 3M’s Increasing Commitment to Recycling; Bill Gates on

- Insurance companies in California are choosing not to renew homeowners’ policies because of wildfire risk. - The KKR Global Impact Fund received a $225 million investment from UBS. - A new report by the World …›

Impact Links: Fortune 2019 Change the World List; Apollo Global Management Debut Social Impact Fund; The Transportation Sector in Sustainable Development Goals; AI in Sustainable Investment; Japan’s Pledge to UNSDG; Portugal’s Sustainable Wine Indus

- Fortune released its 2019 Change the World list of 52 companies using their business to help the planet. - Apollo Global Management jumps into impact investing with a $1 billion debut social impact fund. - …›

Impact Links: ESG Ratings; P&G Interviews; Stanford Study Shows Racial Bias in VC; Helsinki Sustainability App; World’s Most Sustainable Industrial Building; IPCC Climate Change Report; Climate Change and the Corporate World

- How can you tell if your investment is really responsible? The Washington Post provides an overview of ESG ratings. - Procter & Gamble’s chief sustainability officer explains how she is making sustainability “irresistible” in a new piece in Forbes. …›

Impact Links: Morgan Stanley Impact Quotient; Shroders acquires BlueOrchard; Morning Star sustainable fund data; Africa lags in SDGs progress; Forest Sector Roadmap; Climate change and the global economy; Sea rise threatens 800,000 U.S. homes.

- Morgan Stanley announced a new tool to help financial advisors and their clients’ measure sustainable investment performance, allowing the prioritization of selected environmental, social and governance interests and alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. - Schroders expanded …›

Impact Links: Congress Rejects ESG Reporting Proposal; R-factor as an ESG Reporting Solution; NFL Player’s $200m Opportunity Zone Fund; KLM’s and Zara’s Sustainability Plans; Seafood Farm Sustainability; Impact Investment Through Biomimicry

- U.S. Congress rejected a proposal to align ESG reporting requirements with the more rigorous standards applied in Europe. - Bob Eccles discusses the “R-Factor” as a possible market-based solution for ESG reporting standards. - An …›

May 17, 2019 - Measuring, Reporting, Resources

Impact Links: Newly launched IRIS+ tool; OK passes benefit corporation legislation; Ocean Spray sustainability commitment; New studies show growing interest in impact investing

The Global Impact Investing Network launched IRIS+, a new tool for investors to measure, manage, and optimize the impact of their investments. The tool allows investors to identify evidence-based metrics relevant to impact goals and offers practical guidance on refining their investment strategies. Oklahoma became …›