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June 25, 2020 - Funding - Financing, Reporting, Measuring

Impactful Conversations: An Interview with Rodney Foxworth at Common Future

In this episode of Impactful Conversations, Michael Santos, a social-enterprise- and impact-investing associate in Morrison & Foerster’s San Francisco office, interviews Rodney Foxworth, the CEO of Common Future. Based in Oakland, California, Common Future tackles wealth inequality nation-wide by focusing on the needs of communities that have been the most negatively impacted by injustice, extraction, and exploitation.

To address the wealth gap, Rodney and Common Future are committed to confronting the structural oppression that leaves many communities out by shifting capital towards community investment.

Common Future envisions an economy owned by people of all races and ethnicities. Rodney believes in having communities assume a position “as not just a stakeholder but as a literal shareholder that is able to voice an opinion, has a vote, and is able to influence and determine what types of businesses and enterprises and economic development projects are invested in,” says Rodney. “That is power.”

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