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May 22, 2019 - Resources

Benjamin T.R. Fox to speak at NYU Grunin Center

MoFo Impact’s Benjamin T.R. Fox will speak on “New Approaches to Aggregating Capital into the Impact Investing Space” at the annual Legal Issues in Social Entrepreneurship and Impact Investing conference, organized by NYU’s Grunin Center and the Impact Investing Legal Working Group.

The session will cover the necessary legal and regulatory considerations related to help the impact investing market scale at the intersection of philanthropy and traditional finance. Specifically, lawyers will explore the legal challenges to maintaining exemptions for non-profit organizations and partners while working with impact shares. This panel will also discuss legal approaches to the significant regulation affecting investment products aimed at a broader audience of retail and community investors, as well as the less heavy regulation of institutional products targeting a narrower audience of more sophisticated investors. The discussion will be enriched with examples, including a non-profit ETF sponsor that partners with underlying non-profit organizations, as well as cases of direct public offerings of equity and debt securities by private companies and non-profit organizations.

Register for the event here.