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April 19, 2024 - Resources

Climate Links: 4/19/2024

MoFo’s weekly Climate Links provide the latest industry updates from thought leaders and third-party sources. This week:

UN’s Summit of the Future, EU regions and cities preparing for SDG upgrade

  • Born from the United Nations Common Agenda report, the proposal of a Summit of the Future aims to clearly define how Member States prepare for the challenges of the future while dealing with the needs of the present.

Airport chaos, sleeping in metro stations, no running water: Dubai’s flood mayhem continues

  • The UAE continues to reel from floods caused by the heaviest rainfall ever recorded in its desert, with airlines, banks, and city transport facing major disruptions and service outages.

US designates PFAS chemicals as Superfund hazardous substances

  • The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency designated a pair of widely used industrial chemicals as hazardous substances under the country’s Superfund program, accelerating a crackdown on toxic compounds known as “forever chemicals.”

It’s ‘irresponsible’ to ignore widespread consciousness across animal world, dozens of scientists argue

  • The New York Declaration on Animal Consciousness argues that current scientific research indicates that widespread animal consciousness is a “realistic possibility” — and that scientists and policymakers must take that into account when considering risks to those animals.

New reports detail what critics call lapses in response to deadly Maui fire

  • Hawaii’s attorney general has released a comprehensive timeline of how local agencies and the state’s electric utility responded to multiple brush fires on August 8, 2023, the precursors of what would become the deadliest fire in U.S. history.

The week in climate policy: 4 updates you need to know

  • The European Union announced its investment of $3.71 billion to advance ocean sustainability and conservation in 2024; the Canadian house of commons passed a sustainable jobs act despite up to 20,000 amendments introduced by the minority Conservative party; and more.