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May 17, 2024 - Resources

Climate Links: 5/17/2024

MoFo’s weekly Climate Links provide the latest industry updates from thought leaders and third-party sources. This week:

DeSantis signs bill removing climate change considerations from Florida law

  • Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) signed legislation removing the requirement for the state to consider climate change in crafting energy policy and is excising nearly all references to climate change in Florida law.

4 dead as severe storms hit Houston area; hundreds of thousands lose power in Texas

  • Emergency crews in southeast Texas were clearing debris and assessing flooding after powerful storms tore through the state, killing at least four people and knocking out power to nearly 800,000 customers.

Port of San Diego declares emergency over invasive seaweed in southern bay

  • The Port of San Diego has declared a local emergency due to the spread of an invasive algae species in South San Diego Bay.

Months after Maui fires, residents report troubling health problems

  • Every morning before she drives to see her students at Lahainaluna High School, Kailini Ross smears a thick lotion across her skin, so the soot that has gotten into her lungs, and remains in the air, does not “fill her pores.”

The week in climate policy: 4 updates you need to know

  • A New York City court rejected the efforts of the oil industry to prevent a lawsuit from proceeding in New York state court; the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission issued a new rule that will require transmission operators to create 20-year plans that explicitly consider the energy transition; and more.

ESG & Climate News: Pessimism or Positivity?

  • The age-old debate of whether doomerism or optimism will be more effective in driving the climate agenda forward reared its head again.