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May 17, 2019 - Reporting, Resources, Measuring

Impact Links: Newly launched IRIS+ tool; OK passes benefit corporation legislation; Ocean Spray sustainability commitment; New studies show growing interest in impact investing

The Global Impact Investing Network launched IRIS+, a new tool for investors to measure, manage, and optimize the impact of their investments. The tool allows investors to identify evidence-based metrics relevant to impact goals and offers practical guidance on refining their investment strategies.

Oklahoma became the 36th state to pass benefit corporation legislation, which goes into effect on November 1, 2019. The legislation takes the model code approach, differing from the often used Delaware Public Benefit Corporation format.

Robert Eccles of the University of Oxford and Svetlana Klimenko of the World Bank recently interviewed 70 senior executives at global institutional investing firms on sustainable investing, revealing that ESG is “almost universally top of mind for these executives.” Their findings are summarized in the latest Harvard Business Review.

Ocean Spray, a farmer-owned cooperative of more than 700 cranberry farmers, announced its 2020 commitment to sustainable farming, making it the first fruit cooperative in North America to verify 100% of its crop as sustainably grown.

A New York Times article reveals that nearly three-quarters of Americans have moderate to high interest in sustainable investing, and shares four metrics available to investors to simplify the process.